13 Deep And Beautiful Islamic Affirmations For Self-love

Salam alikum Beautiful. Peace be upon you.

As discussed previously in one of my previous post Affirmations are a great way to help us define the experiences and outcomes we want to achieve in our life.

With positive affirmations, we are essentially programming and influencing our subconscious mind to focus on the thoughts, values and beliefs, that will help us live a life that’s in line with what we really want to achieve. This can help us get more clarity with our goals and therefore we feel more in tune with ourself and start taking actions.

When we feel fear, doubt, reluctance lack of self-confidence or even self-love around achieving a particular goal or living up to a certain ideal, coaching ourself is a really good way to push ourself forward.

So here today you will find 13 Deep And Beautiful Islamic Affirmations For Self-love and how essential, it is for us to love ourself and accept who we are, fully and completely.

We are the best creation of Allah, therefore, we should be our best friend and best adviser. Who better than us know, what we truly need and want in our life.

1 I love myself & I’m important in this universe.

2 Allah loves me, I’m unique & beautiful inside & out.

3 I’m me, A beautiful, caring & loving person for myself and others

4 I love myself just the way I am. 

5 I don’t live to fit the expectations of people. I only please Allah.

6 I love myself & know that I have been created unique.

7 I love Allah & myself more & more every day.

8 I love myself and I am grateful to Allah for my journey.

9 I add value to my life & the life of others.

10 I deeply, fully love & accept myself.

I am happy with everything I have achieved in my life.

11 Allah loves me & knows my true value.

12 I make mistakes I learn from them and move on.

13 I respect & value who I am, I am enough.

As mentioned already I love affirmations and find them very powerful.

Would love to hear if you are also using affirmations to get you going with your goals or any other ways you may be using. Don’t forget to share with others if you find benefits in what you are reading, as sharing is caring.

Lots of love to you my beautiful sisters.

Amanee The founder of Naturaleeyou.

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  1. jazakAllahu khair again for those beautiful affirmations. I m trying applying my own in my days. Not easy sometimes. How long did it take you to find benefits?
    Sometimes I feel discouraged. But then I remember Allah loves me.


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