15 Positive Islamic Affirmation For Gratitude – Revive Your Soul Every Day

Salam alikum Beautiful, Peace be upon you.

As explained in my previous post, gratitude is one of the most powerful emotion Allah gave us. But sometimes when we feel low we dont see our blessings anymore we just feel all gloom and doom.

This post is about the importance of believing in ourselves and recognising our blessings. As explained also in my previous post, gratitude can really help us feel more happy and fulfilled in our lives as we focus on what we have more then what we dont have.

I also wanted to point that since I started my self discovery journey and started  looking for resources online, I only found self help that were honouring the universe.

The universe is one of the many creation of God, so when people are listening to those content created to help them they are  honouring and relaying on one of the creation of the creator to help them not the creator himself.

So I really wanted to create those affirmations for Muslims and non Muslims alike.

Along my self discovery journey Self affirmation have really help me believe more in myself by the grace of Allah. Self affirmation have had a really positive impact on how I see myself now.

With self affirmation we rewrite our past, We go against all our limiting beliefs those nagging thoughts that tell you, you are not good enough you cant do this or that.  

We go against all the rubbish we were told when we were younger and we start believing in ourselves more. As a result we take more actions and as we know we have Allah with us we dare trying more things and coming out of our comfort zone and push ourselves more to please God.

Self affirmation take time to get through our mind and destroy all the gunk we have been accumulating all those years from our childhood into our adulthood

But then when we start believing in ourself. The journey that s to come is just amazing we start going against our fears, we honour more our skills, all this Universe of potential that God gave us.

So here’s 15  affirmation for gratitude.

Hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

1 I love my life, I feel alive more and more every day. Ready to start my day with love, compassion for myself and gratitude to Allah for all my blessings.


2 Everything I have in my life has been given to me by my most generous *Rabb. He is Al *Wahab, *Al Razaqq he gives me whether I deserve it or not.


3 I’m truly grateful for my amazing life, my great health Every day is a new gift to me.



4 I intentionally choose to be grateful for every new day Allah is blessing me with. And I remember that not everyone woke up this morning.


5 I maximize my days my time and do the things most pleasing to my *Rabb. For him to increase me in everything.



6 I live my day every day as if it was going to be the last.

7 Everywhere I look I find something to be grateful for.

8 I m grateful for my family, my happy moments they feel me with love and appreciation.


9 I’m grateful for another day to grow in my journey and become a better version of myself.


10 I m grateful for my journey. I’m am exactly where Allah wants me to be.



11 Alhamdullilah for my small and subtle changes.



12 I love myself and I’m grateful for who I am and who I’m becoming by the grace of *Al Fatah, opening all the doors for me.




13 I m grateful to *As-Salam for the peace and serenity and *Sakina he gives me.



14 I’m grateful for my healthy body and mind and the healthy food* Al Razaqq always provides me with.



15 Alhamdullilah my Rabb for allowing me to make this day better than yesterday and to fill it with all the things I love doing.














3 thoughts on “15 Positive Islamic Affirmation For Gratitude – Revive Your Soul Every Day”

  1. Assalamu alaykee my dear sister Amanee,

    Such a lovely article and such a nice reminder.
    Barakallahufikee. May Allah bless you and your family.
    Fi amanillah

  2. Assalamu alaikum dear Amani,
    SubhanAllah..there are numerous times when i feel so bogged down with the daily, never-ending routine. And i have to do exactly this! Just sit down and think..why am i doing what i am and why do i feel down? And SubhanAllah..just taking a few minutes to think, makes me able to make sense of things and this thinking always leads me to be grateful. When i start to think about all that i have, my mind shifts, my thoughts shift..it’s amazing how the same person can view things so differently and actually ‘feel’ better, more in control, humility and at peace.

    Just the fact that i woke up this morning is a blessing like you mentioned, another opportunity to fo something worthwhile, to put a smile on someone’s face…yes this can be that one deed that takes us to paradise, the everlasting bliss. We shouldn’t belittle the simple and compassionate acts of human interactions. As we are taught by prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said even smiling in the face of your brother/sister is charity. It may the one charity which takes us to Jannah!

    So sorry for sucha long post.

    • walikum salam my dear fathama yes suban Allah gratitude is what gives us the hope and love every morning when we open our eyes. Une more day as a gift from Allah. barakallahufiky for your beautiful words


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