20 Powerful Islamic Affirmations For Vibrant Health

Salam Alaikum my beautiful. Peace be upon you.

Today I’m going to talk about affirmations, what they are and what they can do in our life as Muslims.


What are Affirmations?

Positive Self-affirmations trigger our subconscious mind where we hold our conscious limiting beliefs. Beliefs that we are aware of, such as this nagging inner voice telling us things that we may start believing to be true. Those nagging thoughts may come in our days.

Affirmations are positive statements or positive thoughts that we instil, to change those limiting beliefs into powerful beliefs about ourself they are also known as auto-suggestion.

They can be very powerful as they counteract our negative thoughts patterns.  But they can also be very hard to believe when you start. I have created those affirmations with intentions to benefit my Muslim sisters as when I was looking for affirmation for myself I could only find affirmations relating to the universe. This wasn’t in accordance with my Islamic values knowing that the universe is simply one of the creations of God or Allah, so I hope to benefit as many Muslim or God-believing people as much as possible.

Affirmations will become easier to believe as you repeat them daily, ideally twice a day once in the morning and in the evening for a least a month. This is due to our subconscious mind having deep embedded negative or limiting beliefs. You can use those ones or create your own the main things is to believe them.

I have been doing positive affirmations for a year now- so as you can see this is a slow but very effective process as they help change our mindset and bring us into more positivity about ourself and our environment.

I do them in the morning when I do my exercises routine in front of the mirror and I try to keep smiling while saying those powerful statements. I know smiling sounds a bit corny but it is very effective as you look at yourself in the mirror. Plus smiling has a very positive effect on our mood as soon as we smile we feel good and we forget about our negative thoughts.

Affirmations can also help build up and strengthen our self-love, self-confidence and self-esteem and replace our negative nagging thoughts about ourselves.

They also have a very positive impact in helping us taking more actions towards our goals.

But as mentioned previously it may take time before seeing results-  but as we say everything takes times. It is a slow process but is its also showing yourself love and self-care, pausing and reflecting more. Allah asks us to reflect on our actions and reassess frequently.

This also encourages us to remain motivated with a higher level of energy in the pursuit of our worldly goals for our Akhirah: Whether it is memorizing the Quran, Loving and taking care of ourselves more, being better at our parenting, our love relationship or reaching our goals of health and fitness.

So here are 20 powerful positive affirmations about health as mentioned previously, health is one of our main asset in this Duniah (World) time, being the second.

It is our duty to protect it and take care of our body and mind, to remain balanced and reach wellness in our lives.


I’m grateful to Allah for the choices he allows me to make in my life and for my amazing mind and body.

I’m healthy and wise. I understand that my body is an Amanah. ( loan)

I strive everyday to give my body what it deserves. Good diet and exercise are my body’s right.

I feel great, lighter and stronger- As a result my brain performs better.


I feel vibrant, full of energy and healthy.

My level of energy is always high, I feel motivated. Ready for a new day.


I’m ageing slowly, beautifully and gracefully. Feeling healthier everyday.


I love my body, I love myself. Feeling heavy and unwell is not something I want in my life.

With a healthy and strong body I’m happier. I look and feel great.

I resist sweet cravings even if they are very tempting. I know good and nutritious food is what my body needs.


I always take small, continuous actions to feel and be my best self.

I love myself inside and out.

My great level of health allows me to think clearly with more positivity.

I radiate beauty and positivity.

My body is an Amanah. I’m responsible for the choices I make and the food I fuel it with.

I love my body too much for not caring for it the way I should.

I love myself and I love my body. I feel greater and greater everyday.

I enjoy life to its fullest doing the things I love.

I choose a healthy body for the rest of my life.

I enjoy life more and more I feel strong, energetic and healthy.

I would love to hear your thoughts about those affirmations. Do you do affirmation? How often do you do them? What results or changes have you noticed since doing them? I love affirmations and I try doing them every day.



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