5 Best Essential Oils For Aging Skin And Wrinkles In 2020




Salamalaikum Alaikum beautiful, Peace be upon you.

Our skin is our biggest organ and can be damaged through time.
As we age we are losing our youth capital and our skin loses its firmness and elasticity.

And we can see appearing beloved fine lines and wrinkles.
For some women, they might love those wrinkles sign of laughter and great life experiences.
And for some, it’s hard to accept that we are ageing and that our face is changing.

But who said we can’t age beautifully and slow the effect of time?

Yes, we can!
And again essential oils are here to help us age slowly and beautifully and can give a good boost to our skin.


What are the main aging factors?

Many factors in fact.

This could be due to many things and how we treat our skin inside and out.

  1. Life style
  2. Smoking
  3. Harsh chemicals in skincare products
  4. Stress
  5. Lack of sleep
  6. Poor diet
  7. Air conditioning
  8. Pollution
  9. Makeup
  10. Cold and hot weather
  11. Sun
  12. Dehydration
  13. Consuming too much meat and dairy products
  14. Hormone imbalance

As we can see there is a lot of different factors against us. So what can we do to minimise the effect of time on our body and face?

Well as you probably know essential oils have many benefits and are a miracle of Allah given to us and I can’t stop raving about them for their many benefits.

How can essential oils help with slowing down the effect of time?

They can help us treat many ailments some can even be used to replace antibiotics. They are a proven natural remedy and have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to beautify the body, ageing being another one.

Essential oils have antibacterial, astringent, antibacterial properties. they can help regulate sebum in oily skin, some of them are also very nourishing and can help replenish sun-damaged skin which as we mentioned before 1  of the main factor of aging.

Others can be used for skin irritation or inflammation.

They also contain anti-aging properties which help to smooth out and reduce deep wrinkles and add firmness to the skin.


So here’s a list of the 5 most effective essential oil for wrinkles and aging skin


1 Frankincense

Frankincense is a resin that comes from Boswellia sacra trees. Its quality is based on colour, shape, purity, aroma and age. Silver and Hojari are generally considered the highest grades of frankincense. Has a strong woody aroma and is a lovely oil that I use for many other things.

This oil has been used in Chinese and ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Often referred to, as liquid gold for the skin, great for aging skin as it has the capabilities of stimulating cell regeneration it is also amazing for helping in fading scars due to acne.

It posses astringent properties helping with the regulation of sebum in oily skin. Has soothing properties and is ideal to use for skin irritation or inflammation.



2 Ho wood

This oil is less famous than the other oil but its also a fantastic oil to help slow down the effect of time.  Originates from China and Japan is extracted from Ho Sho variety camphor distilled from the leaves and also branches.

This oil is very energizing so great to use in a shower gel for a quick before starting your day.it is one of the best to treat skin problems great to use to treat acne-prone skin also amazing to help with eczema and stretch marks.

This oil is great to replenish dry skin as it contains a very high content of linalool 80 to 90% and is an ideal oil to add to your skincare regimen it has also very sweet pleasant smell which is also a plus as sometimes some oil can have a very strong and unpleasant aroma.


3 Rose Geranium or  Geranium Rosat

Know also as Pelargonium Asperum a great oil to add to your collection as anti-ageing help. Very light and one of the easiest essential oil to use as it is very gentle on the skin. This oil is very popular in cosmetic and perfumes industry.  Has a yellow to brown colour and is extracted from the leaves.

Great again to use for sun-damaged skin, helps treat acne, regulates sebum level in oily skin.

Helps restore firmness and elasticity to the skin.

Can help diminish the appearance of cellulitis,  stretch marks and even brighten our skin complexion. So a great oil to have and use in your skincare regimen as well.


4 Palmarosa 

Has a sweet fresh floral aroma colourless to pale yellow.  Found in brazil.

Has anti-fungal antibacterial soothing properties great to use for any skin issues such as acne, insect bites and sunburn.

it helps skin repair itself, thanks to its capabilities of stimulating cell regeneration.

Great for keeping the skin moisturised.

Balances sebum production so great again for oily skins

Keep the skin supple and well-hydrated when used in day or night cream

great again for acne-prone skin and skin irritation.


5 Ylang ylang

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil has a scent that can be described as sweet

improves the appearance of ageing skin by helping cells regenerate faster.

It has a toning effect that smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

Balance the production of sebum.

Additionally, has antiseptic properties that can be used to treat skin irritations.

How to uses essential oils to boost the skin?

Essential can be used in many ways.

Add few drops of essential oil to shower gels, 1 drop in your dose of daily or night cream can also be added to face mask you can mix them or use them separately

Here s a combo you can try;

Remember that essential shouldn’t be used undiluted or on their own


Face mask

1 tsp of yoghurt

1 drop of frankincense with 1 drop of lavender essential oil

1  tsp of honey

1 tsp of olive oil or jojoba oil

Add everything to a small container and apply to face wait for 20mn rinse and pat dry

Other uses

In your face cream, shower gel,  add 1 drop of the 5 oil mentioned above apply to face or body.



Alright so now that we know more about what we can use in our beauty regimen there are  other things we can do to help our beloved skin

 Remember that Everyone ages at their own pace.

The skin faithfully reflects our biological age, that is to say, our true age, unlike the chronological on our passport.

Ageing results from many factors, some against which we can do nothing (inheritance, diseases), others that we can control throughout our lives (healthy lifestyle). •

The two worst enemies of the skin are sun and tobacco which prevents good oxygenation of the skin, which makes it yellow, greyish and very dull.

The best way to prevent the signs of passing time, on the body and the face, is to take care of our skin for the rest of our life.

As we know our bodies are Amanah from Allah (loan) we, therefore,  need to look after it as much as we possibly can this include treating it well by looking after it properly

Eating the proper food

Use Sunscreen when outside •

Eat enough protein (poultry eggs, fish, seafood, white meats). You should consume a little bit at each meal.

Choose “good” fats: rapeseed olive oils, oily fish, almonds, nuts.







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