8 Best Essential Oils For Meditation And Mindfulness.


Salaam Alaikum beautiful, Peace Be Upon You

If like me, you have a busy life with work, kids to look after and a house to run.

It’s not always easy to find the time to unwind, relax and even take time for yourself.

So today, I’m going to discuss the 8 Best Essential Oils For Meditation And Mindfulness, we can use to boost our days. Bringing more calm and peace in our days.

Lately, I have discovered meditation and its numerous benefits and what it does to our body and our mind and how it can bring us closer to Allah or God.

How it can help us reflect more on ourselves and our actions and life.

What I have also discovered is that adding essential oils can enhance our experience and bring a feeling of peace calm and help us feel more relaxed


 Benefits of meditation and mindfulness

Meditation, as we know today, studies show that they can have many benefits on our health and well being.

Some examples below

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety
  2. Lowers heart rate
  3. Increases self-awareness and boost creativity
  4. Reduces anger and frustration
  5. A really important one for me lately is that it helps improves sleep
  6. Feeling more grounded, centered and more focused
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Why use essential oils in your meditation practice?

Essential oils are everywhere;

In skincare, perfumes, cleaning products, baby products, used for medicinal purposes, healing wounds, pain relief, air purification and the list goes on.

We use them more and more in our lives and have benefited us for centuries.

Extracted from plants, leaves, barks, stems, roots, seeds, fruits and flowers they give us pleasant experiences and aroma when being used for massage, skincare and perfumes.

Each oil contains a unique combination of active ingredients that offer a variety of therapeutic benefits.

They are a God-given gift to help and facilitate our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

In meditation and mindfulness, they are helpful for anxiety, depression, hormone imbalance, stress relief,  they boost our mood and improves our wellbeing as a whole.


How can essential oils help with meditation?

Adding essential oils to our meditation can lift and enhance our experience.

  1. They possess great health and calming benefits
  2. Can help us improve our concentration,
  3. Reduce stress,
  4. Give us more clarity,
  5. Lift our spirit
  6. Give us energy helping us feel more centered and grounded.


8 Best Essential Oils For Meditation And Mindfulness

Here’s a list of 8 great essential oils to use for meditation to feel harmony, calm, peace and clarity around you.

Each of them has a particularity and can really improve your practice.

1 Frankincense:

Frankincense is a resin that comes from Boswellia sacra trees.

It comes in many types and its quality is based on color, shape, purity, aroma and age.

Frankincense-Tree -Yemen
Frankincense is great oil to use for meditation thanks to its anti relaxing and mood-boosting properties

Silver and Hojari are generally considered the highest grades of frankincense.

  1. It stimulates the growth of new cells
  2. has a potent aroma which can be described as woody, earthy, and spicy with a fruity nuance.
  3. It has sedative and relaxing properties which can be especially useful for meditation.
  4.  Help reduce stress,
  5. Anxiety
  6. Also known to stimulate the immune system.
  7. Furthermore, this oil helps to promote relaxation and peaceful sleep.

It is also great and beneficial to bring our busy mind to a peaceful state in stressful times.

The chemical components of frankincense result in an extremely powerful aroma that helps trigger chemicals in the brain and get rid of negative feelings and are very effective at relaxing and focusing the mind and balancing the mood.

What is even more amazing is that it doesn’t just get rid of negative feelings, but it also actually encourages positive ones.

2 Sandalwood

Has been used for centuries mainly for perfumes and incenses.

Sandalwood has a long-lasting warm, sweet, earthy fragrance. For meditation practice,

mindfulness relaxation
Sandalwood helps bring more mental clarity and focus.

sandalwood can be useful for promoting calm and relaxation. In addition to creating a more soothing environment

  1. it has antibacterial
  2. posses antiviral property
  3. Purifies the air when used in a diffuser
  4. Promote deep breathing when inhaled
  5. It also helps improve overall feelings of well-being,
  6. mental clarity and focus.



3 Lavender:

Lavender is one of the world’s most used oils and one of my favorite maybe because of its French origin.

It is a wonderful oil to use before starting your meditation practice as it can help you relax your entire body and mind.

  1.  Lavender is very refreshing.
  2. Helps with relaxation and sleep

    wonderful soothing oil
    Lavender essential oil can be very beneficial to bring down stressed and anxiety.
  3. Reduces heart rate,
  4. Lowers skin temperature.
  5. Very beneficial when feeling anxious or stressed.

Try adding a few drops diluted with your favorite carrier oil and massage your temples and feel the scent put you in a relaxed and calm state before starting your practice.



4 Peppermint.

  1. It can help with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome,
  2. Indigestion, nausea and vomiting.
  3. Beneficial in clearing sinuses,
  4. Relieve headache,
  5. Relaxes muscular joints
  6. Helps to gain better clarity of mind, so very good when meditating.
  7. Help increase energy and concentration,
  8.  Can be beneficial in lifting the spirit and mood.

    mood boosting promote alertness
    Peppermint helps relieve headache great for nausea and mood-boosting.



5 Ylang-ylang

  1. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil has a scent that can be described as sweet,
  2. some call it an aphrodisiac oil because of its mood-boosting properties
  3. Can be used for massage and intimate moments
  4. has very nice floral notes and fresh fruity nuance
  5. ideal to use for relaxation in meditation
  6. great to use in the bath to unwind from a stressful day
  7. has anti-stress and anxiety properties.
  8. Can increase happiness and promote mood-boosting.
  9. This can be particularly helpful when meditating or when feeling sad or frustrated.

Ylang ylang essential oil may cause headaches, so for first-time use, it is best to use it diluted.


Ylang ylang is a great oil to use as an aphrodisiac to boost well being and happiness.




6 Rosemary

  1. Traditionally, used to help relieve muscle pain
  2. Increase immune function
  3. Aid indigestion.
  4. Has mood-balancing and sedative properties
  5.  Known for soothing inflammation,
  6. Relieve headaches and nasal congestion.
  7.  Great for relaxation
  8. Increases brain function
  9. Improves memory and mind clarity.
  10. Helpful to boost alertness
rosemary essential oil very good for muscular pain
Rosemary is great for the relief of muscular and joint pain.



7 Jasmin

My Second favourite reminds me of my travels to Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia and their walls of jasmine everywhere in the streets, filling them with its sweet and fragrant aroma.

  1.  Has antiseptic properties
  2. Antidepressant properties
  3. Can help with spasm and bloating
  4.  Help clear nasal congestion through diffusion or inhalation
  5. Can also improve the mood.
soothing relaxing calming oil
Jasmine promotes feelings of happiness and well being.

This is a great addition to meditation as it promotes a feeling of happiness, energy and wellbeing thanks to its refreshing scent Jasmine’s stimulating aroma is great for improving alertness and bring down stress.



8 Roman Chamomile

The flowers and buds are the parts used to make essential oil.

sleep anti stress
Chamomile helps with stress and sleep

The scent of Roman chamomile oil is a strong sweet and herbal scent. It has a much stronger scent than the flowers used for tea.

Its sedative properties help with rest and sleep.

When trying to sit still and feeling particularly anxious, physically restless or confused, this oil can really bring your stress down and be in a calmer state.



How to use essential oils for meditation?

Essential oils can be used in different ways

1 Directly applied to the skin diluted with a carrier oil

Add a few drops to a carrier oil of your choice in the palm of your hands and massage on your skin.


2 Tissue diffuser:

Add a few drops to a tissue inhale it and feel their relaxing effect immediately.


3 Aromatherapy Diffuser:

Add a few drops of your favorite blend to an aromatherapy diffuser and diffuse them in your room while meditating.

You can also use a jewelry diffuser and have your essential oils with you wherever you go.


 4 Spray:

A spray bottle, water (distilled is best), add 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil or oil blend to approximately 100 ml of distilled water spray around your space to distribute the aroma.


Remember to use oils that lift your mood and make you feel calm, grounded and centered at the same time.


We don’t want to fall asleep but relaxed and comfortable at peace with our inner self, balanced in our body and mind and feel this mind-body connection.



Essential Oil blend you can try for meditation and mindfulness.

Before trying them blended together, it is a good idea to try them on their own. See how your mind and body react to them and then slowly begin introducing new ones if you wish. You might find that some appeals to you more than others.


Here are 3 blends you can try

Blend 1: Sandalwood, Frankincense, Lavender, Roman chamomile for a refreshing and calming instant.

Blend 2: Frankincense, Sandalwood and Jasmin to unwind and remain focused and grounded.

Blend 3: Lavender, Frankincense and Jasmin for a powerful mood-boosting formula that will help with concentration.


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Apart from those 8 essentials oil for meditation and mindfulness which other oils are you using for your meditation? Is there a particular blend you like more than another?

I would love to hear your suggestions in the comment section.

Peace and blessings to you all.

Amanee Founder of naturaleeyou

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