10 Powerful Islamic Quotes On Gratitude

Salam Alaikum Beautiful. Peace Be Upon You.

In the Quran Allah says in Surah 14 Ibrahim aya 7  “If you are grateful I will give you more“. When we create an attitude of gratitude in our daily lives, it can really help us find more happiness more satisfaction and contentment in our lives.  It gives us new perspectives, we don’t see our problems as big as they are. With full trust in Allah (tawakkul) we know he is with us and will take care of us. In this aya when Allah says he will give us more, he doesn’t quantify it. He could give us anything that we need. psychologists today, even said that when we show gratitude for our blessings every day, the world around us changes.

Quotes as a whole have a very powerful effect on us. Whether it is verses from the Quran, Hadiths or citations from pious people, they inspire, motivate us to take actions or even try doing new things in our life. Alhamdulillah. Today I wanted to talk about Gratitude and how it is a blessing in itself as it is one of the most powerful emotion Allah gave us.

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20 Powerful Islamic Affirmations For Vibrant Health

Salam Alaikum my beautiful. Peace be upon you.

Today I’m going to talk about affirmations, what they are and what they can do in our life as Muslims.


What are Affirmations?

Positive Self-affirmations trigger our subconscious mind where we hold our conscious limiting beliefs. Beliefs that we are aware of, such as this nagging inner voice telling us things that we may start believing to be true. Those nagging thoughts may come in our days.

Affirmations are positive statements or positive thoughts that we instil, to change those limiting beliefs into powerful beliefs about ourself they are also known as auto-suggestion.

They can be very powerful as they counteract our negative thoughts patterns.  But they can also be very hard to believe when you start. I have created those affirmations with intentions to benefit my Muslim sisters as when I was looking for affirmation for myself I could only find affirmations relating to the universe. This wasn’t in accordance with my Islamic values knowing that the universe is simply one of the creations of God or Allah, so I hope to benefit as many Muslim or God-believing people as much as possible.

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