Best Essential Oils For Sugar Cravings

stop sugar cravings

Salamalaikum beautiful, peace be upon you.

Sugar cravings

Are you having them?
When do you have them?
After lunch, snack time, after dinner?
For me can be at a different time of the day
When I feel tired or sometimes anxious or stressed.
As you probably have guessed or know already sugar is not our friend and when we have those cravings we send messages to our brain for some dopamine. The hormone of addiction.
Yes, sugar cravings, if not controlled, can become a real addiction.
essential oils great for cravings
Essential Oils Great For Cravings

How can we stop these cravings?

By sending a different message to our brain by activating our brain chemistry and distracting our mind.
Alhamdullilah again for that  I have my essential oils.
They help me when I feel like eating chocolate or anything sweet or when I feel sad anxious or need comfort.


Distracting-our -mind
Distracting Our Mind With Essential Oils

What are the main causes of cravings?

  • Our body is not processing insulin well
  • When we are Stressed
  •  Feeling Anxious
  • Needing comfort
  • Lack of proper nutrients such as magnesium deficiency.

How can essential oils help cravings?

Essential oils have a lot of wonderful properties as you know already if you have read my previous posts.
They can help distract and calm our mind.
Whether we feel tired anxious sad or needs comfort.
We want it right now.
Inhaling or even safely Ingesting essential oils can help calm the trigger in our brain.

So here’s a list of my favourite

peppermint great- for sugar- cravings
Peppermint is amazing to stop cravings

 1 Peppermint essential oil.

Peppermint has many virtues. When inhaled or ingested.
Refresh the mouth,
Clear the nose. Help with headaches when feeling tired.
Gives us a good refreshing  kick
Suppress appetite
Peppermint triggers a part in our brain that make us feel full.
If you are feeling hungry 1 drop under the tongue or 1 drop on a tissue paper inhale slowly and you will forget your sweet craving of the moment or this feeling of hunger.

2 Grapefruit, lemon, orange, essential oil.

 Citrus essential oils regulate blood sugar and process the insulin responsible for cravings.
 They regulate brain satiety centre.
And lift the mood
Great to use when you feel tired or anxious which are moments leading to binging or cravings.
Those oils can be taken internally but should be pure and organics.



3 Cinnamon bark

A great oil to have
Suppress appetite
Help regulate blood sugar
Use cinnamon in a diffuser.
Do not ingest the oil as it could cause burning.
If inhaled on a tissue use only 1 drop and inhale slowly.
Can also be used in a diffuser.
ylang- ylang- flower

4 Ylang ylang

Another great oil to have to feel refreshed thanks to its amazing and refreshing aroma.

It curbs cravings and regulates blood sugar.

5 Bergamot essential oil.

Also known to help with sugar cravings.
And help our brain satiety centre.
By redirecting the brain to something else.

Other ways you can try to stop sweet cravings.

Brushing your teeth after a meal can help, especially if using mint toothpaste.
Distracting your mind and keep yourself busy such as:
Drinking a glass of water slowly with some mint essential oil.
Have a tic tac, better than eating a whole chocolate bar.
Breathing in and out slowly helps oxygenates the brain and distract our mind.
Eat protein-packed snacks, so you don’t feel hungry too soon.
When craving for sugar, eat fruits.

 Blend you can try in a diffuser.

In a diffuser add
1 drop each of peppermint, citrus and bergamot essential oils
Diffuse in the room after a meal or whenever feeling anxious or stressed.
The main thing is to distract our mind
Essential oils can naturally help us relax and therefore feeling refreshed. They can also give us a good kick when feeling tired or anxious or after a meal.
While most essential oils are safe to be used topically, they’re not safe to ingest they can be toxic and in large doses, even fatal.
Always consult your doctor, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.


Hope this post helped you find ways with your cravings. Would love to hear any other ways you are using to stop sugar cravings, in the comment sections.

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  1. Assalamu alaykee my dear sister,
    Such a nice article again. I will definitely try it as chocolate is my ” pêché mignon” although I can’t tolerate as much as before probably due to my aging and my poor stomach being fed up!!! Fi amanillah

    • Assalamaleykum Amanee
      Beautiful blog Masha’Allah, I love each one of your articles, in particular this one about sugar cravings; great tips for someone like me!! Subbanallah.
      So much dedication and passion, you are so inspiring.
      Thank you for sharing them with us and helping so many of us Masha’Allah.

  2. Thank you dear sister for this really useful post. That’s what I needed. Been looking for natural ways to stop my cravings. I have noticed having them too frequently lately especially after Ramadan. So will definitely try those tips and the essential oils. 😊


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