Be You Naturally Use Your Internal Power & The Power Of Nature To Feel Beautiful Balanced & Fulfilled

Be You Naturally Over 40

Essentials Oils To Feel Your Best Self Inside & Out.

Boost your energy & your well being using essential oils the most powerful natural remedy nature gave us

Powerful Affirmations & Beautiful Quotes

Affirm yourself every day through empowering affirmations, guided meditations and beautiful Islamic quotes.

Great Skincare Tips

frankincense liquid gold for the skin

Find some great skincare tips massage techniques & DIY to feel refreshed & beautiful

Welcome to natutaleeyou. Thank you for stopping by! I’m Christelle or Amanee. Really excited you found your way to my website! I have 3 passions in life, the Quran where I have found most of my life lessons, nature and more precisely essential oils & personal development. Nature since I was little, Quran & personal development since I understood, how vital it was for my own fulfilment to develop myself in all areas of my life. Trying to be a better mum, spouse and a better human being as a whole for myself, Allah and the world around me. so I grew up … read more

A beautiful reminder which shows you that when you put Allah first in your life you reach fulfilment.

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1 Essential oils

Essential oils are one of the most powerful natural remedy given to us. If you wish to learn more about essentials oils and the best oils to use reaching  40 and above, you are in the right place.

Through their immense benefits and great properties, essentials oils can help you feel more balanced, boost your energy, body, mind and immune system allowing you to feel whole and geat inside and out.  

At the moment I don’t have a particular brand that I  like better than another but I will be updating this section regularly with reviews on which brand is better in term of quality and prices. so stay tuned for more updates.  I will also talk about aromatherapy and diffusers.

2 Powerful meditations with affirmations and great Islamic Quotes

Positive affirmations have really helped me shift my mindset to a more positive one. I have been using positive affirmations for nearly 3 years now, and I have seen a huge shift by the grace of Allah on how I am more equipped to filter my negative thoughts, emotions, limiting beliefs which in turn have helped me live a more fulfilled happier life.

As we now know meditation has numerous benefits, but did you know that coupled with affirmations and visualization they can have a more powerful impact and boost your well-being creativity, positive energy emotions and your belief in your Duas (prayers) you will also find hee great Islamic quotes my own ones and those from great scholars of Islam. Quotes have this power to boost me and give me the right energy I need to start the day, feeling more empowered to set my day right.

I will be adding audios to my affirmations and meditation post very soon which you will be able to download so stay tuned it is coming up soon.

3 Personal development through the Quran 

Most of myself help posts are related to the Quran, hadith of our beloved prophet Muhammad peace and blessings upon him.

Why? because it is my 1st source of inspiration for personal development it contains many life lessons and reminders to use every day to feel our best self, living our life by intentions and reflect on our actions, taking ourselves into account every day in all areas of our life.

4 Skincare and DIY and Tips

As we age our skin can become very dull, dry and tired using good skincare such as great natural homemade face cream, face mask, scrubs, face massage and face exercises can give your skin the boost and love it deserves allowing you to feel beautiful refreshed & revived. You will find great DIY, tips on how to looks after your skin using only natural and organic ingredients easily available in your kitchen.